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An Arrie Enterprises test fixture or test nut is an incomparable value. No other supplier has our capability to deliver top quality products, fast turnaround, reasonable pricing, convenient ordering, and sound technical advice.

test nuts

We’ve supplied many of the nation’s top aerospace companies with test nuts manufactured in accordance with military standard 1312 and NAS 1069. Our ready selection, consistent quality, and reasonable pricing have contributed to long, healthy relationships with such companies as Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.

Quality – All of our nuts meet or exceed specifications, and we maintain the appropriate documentation. Therefore, each of your orders is completely traceable.

To maintain that quality we’ve instituted a rigorous training program: our staff undergoes regular instruction in production techniques, documentation, and quality control. That training is necessary because we stand behind all our products.

Economy – We’re specialists. We produce thousands of test nuts each year. Your local or in-house job shop doesn’t. With our experience, we’ve learned how to produce test nuts economically without cutting corners. That means we not only know how to deliver a quality product faster, but also at a lower cost.

Convenience – Ordering test nuts off the shelf makes your job easier. There are no specifications or design criteria to explain to production managers. We know the specs. You simply select your part and order it. With most of our test nuts, we’ll ship your order within a day.

Although ordering is simple and fast, you’re not ordering your testing supplies from a mail order catalog. You’re ordering from an expert designer and manufacturer of fastener testing supplies. If you have questions or test problems, a knowledgeable field representative is always available to assist you. Over the phone or on-site, we’ve got the technical expertise you need.

In addition to carrying a large inventory of test nuts, we also produce shear fixtures, and fixtures for tensile and fatigue testing machinery such as: M.T.S., Tinius-Olsen, Amsler, and others. Our technical consultants will design, build, and install fixturing to meet your machine’s specifications. The success of installations at Deutsch Manufacturing, West Coast Aerospace, Boeing, and other top firms has proven our expertise in custom fixturing.

Quality – As with our test nuts, we meet or exceed all specifications and maintain all necessary documentation, making each fixture completely traceable. Our training program is just as rigorous for our fixture line. Combined with our rigid quality controls, it ensures that we deliver top quality products every time.

Top quality means more than just meeting specifications. It means we design better products. Familiarity with your needs and the testing environment enables our designers to modify the industry standard design of many fixtures to increase stability and reliability-giving you a better fixture.

Convenience – Our stocked items, such as gripping collars and fatigue adaptors for Amsler Fatigue Machines can reach you within days of your order. Even our custom double shear fixtures or our hangers with adapter cups to facilitate any size fastener have fast delivery-usually under 6 weeks. For added convenience we even mount shear fixtures on die sets for you, and we also offer repair and regrinding service for the entire shear fixture.

Value – As with our test nuts, our fixtures are a great value, due to our production methods and experience. And our quantity discounts apply here as well-with some products starting as low as 5 pieces.