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1999 Okume Mill MX 45 VAE With Rotary Table
1998 Okume Lathe – Crown E With Auto Feeder
1997 Tree Lathe 615 With Auto Feeder
1995 Tree 1050 Machine Center 40”x20” Travel with 4th Axis Indexer
1991 Tree Knee Vertical Mill 325 Journeyman 325 48” Long Bed


Harrison #122G 6′ bed – 20″ swing
Cadillac (2) #1440G 4′ bed


Clark Rouselle OH 2 ton press
Diamond No.8 2 ton press
Thomas D-6029B 100 ton press
Federal #5 60 ton press
1970 Summit-7 60 ton press
Press (English)-6 #15391E 45 ton press
Diamond-7 45 ton press
Ferracute-8 45 ton press
1970 Minster 75 ton press

Press Feeders

Regal Trol #7507 (on Thomas machine)
Peterson Roll Feeder – 12” capacity (on Ferracute)
Roll Feeder – electric for 3’ diameter reels
Feeder 24” diameter
Dicerman – Air Feeders (1)


Cincinnati 32”
Acra Digital J94967 42”
Max-Mill 78-121712 42” bed
Bridgeport 109237 32” bed

Press Brake

Chicago Model 810C

Deburring Machines – Electric

Deburrer with 5” wide belt
Deburrer with 1” wide belt
Burr-King #482 with 2” wide belt
Speed-D-Burr 4 cubic foot tub Vibro-Machine


Baldor #721 Pedestal-Tool Grinder
Covel #15-1650 19” Surface Grinder
Precision Wheel Dresser
Chevalier II FSG-618M Auto Feed Model
Chevalier FSG-618M Grinder


Grob 4v-18

Drill Presses

Orbit Pedestal
IPS-DP #514-125 5/8” and up
Clausing With Vise

Metal Cutting Machines

Johnson Metal Cutting Machine
Niagra Power Shear 10” x 10” Gage


(1) Spotwelder For All Alloys

Other Items

Dee-Blast Abrasive Blast Cleaning Machine
Deburring Tumbler (Electric)
1945 Forklift – Shamrock
#750 – 18” Diameter Life Table
Campbell Hansfield Air Compressor
Curtis Econo Air Compressor
Surface Plate – Black Marble 24” x 37” – With Stand
QC Equipment Calibrated and Traceable to National Standard
Scherr-Tumico – 14” Optical Comparator – Floor Model
Imai Sikensi – Rockwell Hardness Tester
Pin Gages
Super Mikes & Calipers
Thread Gauges
Height Gage and a variety of other testing apparatus
Counter Scale for packaging
Electronic Counting Scale
#51 Weight Scale on Wheels
Metal Coil Holder Stands
Work Benches
Complete Tooling Facilities
Prototype and Development
Collets for Lathes all diameters and hex, etc.
Grinding Wheels for surface grinders dressed to any contour